Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission and Vision Statement

The APA Iowa’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee seeks to create an empowered and authentically diverse planning profession by providing resources, tools, and collaboration/ co-creation opportunities for all planners. Our focus is supporting DEI efforts, reducing barriers, fostering brave spaces, and expanding networks for under-represented planners.

As planners in Iowa, we seek to build a foundation of equity and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. We seek to transform Iowa into a place that honors our diversity as a strength and draws from that strength to build equitable neighborhoods, towns, cities and counties.

Public Statement Flow Chart

Issue of a Public Statement When Any of the Following Can Be Answered Affirmatively

APA Iow DEI Committee Public Statement Process (Full Document)

1. Does the issue/event affect disadvantaged or under-represented local, state, or national communities?

2. Does the issue/event relate to:

  • APA AICP Code of Ethics
  • APA
  • APA Iowa
  • APA Iowa DEI Committee

3. Are actions requested in response to the issue/event from:

  • APA Iowa DEI Committee
  • APA Iowa and/or planners in Iowa
  • Communities, especially disadvantaged or under-represented communities 

DEI Resources

DEI Non-profit, Advocacy Organizations and Resource Guides