RFP- Horace, ND Subdivision and Zoning Ordinance


The City of Horace, North Dakota is currently accepting proposals from qualified firms with expertise in zoning for leading a process resulting in the preparation of the new zoning and subdivision ordinance for the City. Proposals received via the RFP process will be reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised of City staff and selected representatives with interests in zoning matters in the City of Horace.


Scope of Work

With oversight from City staff, as well as guidance from a project steering committee, the selected consultant(s) will lead the planning process to develop a new subdivision and zoning ordinance for the City of Horace as outlined in the RFP. The anticipated timeframe to complete the project is 1 year, unless reasoning can be provided to explain why it would exceed the 1-year time period.  The City anticipates that the consultant will work with the community to develop a subdivision and zoning ordinance that incorporates a zoning and subdivision process that implements the community vision in the recently adopted comprehensive plan. The consultant will develop a final work program in conjunction with City staff prior to contract approval. 

The scope of work provided below are a general framework to be incorporated into proposals.  However, the proposed scope of work is not limited to proposals for additional items.  The minimum scope of work should include the following:

·       Project Management: The consultant will take the lead in managing their time, staff, resources, budget, and related activities to ensure that the project objectives are met.  The consultant will be in close communication with staff throughout the life of the project.  Staff will provide general oversight of the consultant and will help to facilitate interactions with City staff, board/committee members, and project stakeholders.

·       Existing Conditions & Data Analysis: The consultant will work to gain a firm understanding of the context, trends, and related information applicable to the project objective and utilize the data to inform outcome of the document

·       Review of Comprehensive Plan: The consultant will review and identify Plan Implementation Strategies, Objectives, and Policies to ensure that the new ordinance will be consistent with current planning documents. 

·       Review of Chapter 40-47 of the North Dakota Century Code:  The consultant will review state statutes to ensure that the new ordinance will be consistent with state law.

·       Public Outreach: The consultant will develop a comprehensive public and stakeholder participation outreach strategy designed to meet project objectives.  This outreach will inform community stakeholders and the public on the benefits of the subdivision and zoning ordinance, as well as conduct regular meetings and web/social media interaction throughout the process. 

·       Drafting the Document: The consultant will prepare drafts of the subdivision and zoning ordinance (text document and zoning map), including graphics, for review by staff and the steering committee, culminating in a final version to be acted upon by the Planning Commission and the City Council.

·       Integration of the New Code into User-Friendly Formats: The consultant will work with City staff as well as its information technology vendors to make the new code accessible and interactive with the public, including GIS display.

·       Project Schedule: The consultant will provide the City an anticipated schedule for the above work, with a goal of completion by the end of 2022 if possible. Proposals should include a proposed schedule showing major milestones for project completion, key public involvement events, and completion of draft and final deliverables.  The City will require a physical visit 3 times a year to discuss and review milestones.


Preliminary Project Schedule

RFP Available for Viewing          October 23, 2020

Questions Due                                November 4, 2020

Proposals Due                                 12:00 CDT – November 25, 2020

Interview Selection Notice           December 18, 2020


This Request for Proposals (RFP) is available to download on the City website: https://www.cityofhorace.com/2244/Request-For-Proposals-RFP.  Any addendum made to this Request for Proposals will be posted at the same website used for downloading the RFP.